Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Contrast linings are hot! - That's what she said

Elegance Collection
M1038-4 with DSN 136 linings (left)
M1033-3 with DSN 05 (right)

Nick T - Toronto (left)
Derek G - London (right)

Urban Knights Collection
DSN 115 (left)
DSN 123 with K1018-5 linings(right)

Konstantin - Toronto
Dr. Josh M - Cobourg

Essentials and Urban Knight Collection
F1003-3 with DSN No12 lining (left)
F1011-7 with CN002 lining (right

Steve T - London (left)
Derek G - London (right)

Prestige Collection
K1017-5 (left)
K1013-3 (right)

Ivan S - Toronto

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